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Gopher, an early 90s internet protocol, lost out to the web due to its simpler aesthetics and limited capabilities. Though mostly forgotten today, Gopher persists in performing its functions effectively. Surprisingly, recent years have seen a modest resurgence in Gopher’s popularity as users seek simplicity amid a user-hostile web.

Gemini resurrected Gopher-esque aesthetic, bringin a modern twist to the text-web. Neocities holds the essence of the 90s, when the internet was the Wild Wild Web. Back when “web surfing” was all about exploration and discovery. A place where you can write your hobbies and interests without expecting a like, follow and subscribe. Where your original thoughts are displayed in a quantum state: For everyone, and for nobody, at the same time.

Beatiful, distraction free, non-invasive, creative, exploration. A place where the almighty algorithm doesnt feed you what it wants you to consume.