Prisoner How do you feel about staying home and being lazy? We could watch movies and play video games

We could smack all day and nobody would care. If only it would be so easy to forget our responsibilities, mortgage, work hours, homework, and say “fuck it” to the world.

We may be able to stop and admire the world, but it will not be so kind as to stop and wait for us to take a break.

We are all prisoners of the perception of time.

Look out the window and tell me how worried are the birds. Tell me how much sleep do the dogs lose pondering about their short time in this world?

Not one bit, nil, zero. Nobody except for us, fret about how much time we have left. We are in a panic about running out of time.

We are living in our own prisons, worried about things we cannot control. We must then live by our own rules, where time is treated like the only ultimate currency, and spend or invest it wisely. The end.

` this one was found in a stack of papers next to my typewriter. undated, circa 2013 `

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