Every day we face pressure. From our friends, family co-workers, and worst of all, from ourselves. We pressure ourselves to do things that we really do not need to do. We feel the need to relieve that pressure by either appeasing the pressure maker or ignoring it. Both of these do not work, because it does not fix the root of the problem. Step one is to identify the root of the problem. Step two is to make a plan to fix the root cause of the problem. Step three is to execute and commit to the plan. Step four is to re-evaluate.

If one does not know the root cause of the problem, pressure will overwhelm oneself, since there is no direction, purpose, or motivation. It’s like being lost and not caring to find a way out. If one knows the root cause of the problem but does not have a plan, then one is procrastinating the inevitable, either the pressure maker will win every time, and not only is there no purpose, but self-esteem will be affected since the feeling of hopelessness will come about. If one knows the root cause, and has a plan, but does not execute, then that is a sign of weakness. It is a sign of a lack of confidence, non assertiveness. All that is required to execute is the right motivator and a clear view of the purpose and direction one must take. The last step will reinforce the process and make it stronger each time it is repeated.

The only thing it takes is doing it once.

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