I have always believed that stress is something that is brought on by yourself. In a world of perfect synchronous accountability, it is easy to see your own mistakes and shortcomings and deal with them in such a manner that will benefit you. But we all know that this is not the case and that very few people, not including myself can deal with stress in a non-self-destructive way. I do try though. Having said that, many years later since I started my philosophy, I still believe that stress is self-inflicted, because we come from a destructive nature and a need to feel sorry for ourselves. We like to become the victim for that short point in time and over confidently imply that everything only happens to us and for no apparent reason.

Since putting it that way sounds pretty weird, I guess that it is kinda silly to overreact to simply day-to-day items that should have absolutely no effect on our self-esteem and other aspects of our life, let alone becoming a bad day.

Anger management partnered with stress management can be the ultimate fuck-it-all tool. Not that we have no care for the world, but that those things that matter not, will not be given time to mess up our day. Again, the common denominator for controlling anger, stress, and self is procrastination. Handling angry matters later will not be effective, and will chain events into stressful scenarios, mess up your day by making you angry, and so on and so forth.

It’s a cycle, eh.

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